Direct Connect with NCDC

A proper DC++ / ADC compatible implementation was one of the more important reasons I got my server. In a graphical environment I use EiskaltDC++ as a client, so I had no experience with text-based DC clients. Today, I finally had time to set up NCurses Direct Connect.
First, I compiled it myself. You should always compile things yourself if they aren't available in your repository.
Then I created a new user 'ncdc' to run the programme.
  • adduser ncdc
I created a very basic, simple init.d/ script that executes this line:
  • su -c screen\ -U\ -dmS\ ncdc\ ncdc ncdc
This will start NCDC with its own user (giving it limited rights) and in a UTF-8 enabled screen that is automatically detached. The screen command is highlighted in orange here, the not highlighted text is part of the su command.
Now to configure the client. I will not explain every single step; the official Ncdc Manual (man ncdc) does this quite well.
  • /nick your_nick
  • /set description your_description
  • /set connection your_upload_speed
Define your shares. If you have spaces in your share name, you can either use "name with spaces" or name\ with\ spaces.
  • /share "Archive" /storage/share/archive
  • /share "Temporary Folder" /storage/share/_dctemp
We also have to configure the active connection.
  • /set active_port your_port_here
  • /set active true
Connect to a DC++ or ADC hub.
  • /open Hub_Name Hub_Address
Switch to the hub tab (j to switch to left tab, k to switch to right tab) and define specific hub settings, like automatic connection on programme start.
  • /hset autoconnect true
This should be all for a basic configuration. If you have any feedback, additions or improvements, feel free to leave a comment.

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