Well, one year later, this offer is still valid. I didn't get too much of an echo, unfortunately - Come on, lazy pickup players! Come back, all the Italians in that closed TFC group on facebook! :|

Could we just do this one last time, and then I'll shut up, ok? Just one. last. time. I'll let you all live your stupid little real lives that are NOT filled with TFC. Just, please? It's really not that much work, really. It's JUST TFC.

People, you can't keep nagging and being all sad about how TFC was the greatest game 10 years ago.. IT'S STILL THAT. I did this when it was impossible. February/March 2010. We even almost had the finns to play. The whole German team came back from the dead for concs sake.

Well, so much for my annual rant. We have the resources. The only thing missing are the players.

I'll just say one thing: If we do this, it has to be big. I don't want shitty mixed teams. I want a good Brazil. I want France. I want Finland. (Pls Roj<3? I know you want it!) All you TFC people reading this, I know you want this too. Just give it two weeks of your life, or maybe even three. For old times' sake. Please? :(

Now, excuse me, while I do what's best for me; I'll go continue uploading maps to my website like a maniac. Because I love that game.

--orangensaft, 2012-01-28


JuiceNote #2 - GGDB, WCTFC

Well, here we go again, first post of the year for the second time in a row!
I finally got GTFCDB fixed - or should I say GGDB, because that's what I call it now. The Global GoldSrc Database. I've always liked Ricochet and I also wanted to extend it to DMC - after some days it was clear to me that the easiest thing to do was just to open it for all GoldSrc games directly, before creating graphics for only Team Fortress Classic (TFC), Ricochet and Deathmatch Classic (DMC) and then having to create other images for possible extensions like Half-Life Deathmatch (HLDM) or Opposing Force (Opp4).
Changelog (probably incomplete):
  • NEW: unified filesystem with one overview for all files, which will "soon" be completed with a search for file name, file type, game of origin and date. It lists all files by filename "187footie_r", shows the database ID "45" to the left, an alias of the file "<|187|> FOOTIE ( revised )", the game "tfc", the type "maps" and the last update date of the file "2009-09-21 15:21:36" (release or upload dates).
    • Simple file info as it used to be, with everything that's saved about a file. NEW: includes other files with the same name in one file info overview (-> File 580: Dustbowl).
  • NEW: match system has been improved
    • NEW: listing players and linking to their profiles
    • NEW: logs and screenshots of maps if available (-> Match 1118: [~X~], [OHM]). Function to show demos to be added soon.
    • IMPROVED: three and four team support. (-> Match 726: [STS], [Mdc], [ALK], [zgh]) and NEW: not limited to one clan per team (per colour) anymore (-> Match 1081: .pl, .ie, .de).
    • IMPROVED: player profiles showing SteamID (linking to different profiles and search engines), nationality, known names and a list of clans with join and part dates if available (-> Player 252: Snaky). These can currently only be accessed via matches they are listed in, but I am trying to soon add more possibilities, e.g. in the clan details.
  • IMPROVED: server list finally fixed, multi-game support added. Not many visual changes here, just some small code-improvements that will help me in the future.
  • CHANGED: the header graphics, with kind help of Zap - he let me take pictures of him. The green background will be changed soon too.
  • Other changes include compatibility changes, for example in the news section to be able to post news for different games and the "recent" section on the home page.
The efforts regarding a second edition of my World Championship of Team Fortress Classic (WCTFC 2) have not been rewarded. If anyone finds enough interest in the community, contact me - I'm still willing to organize something and I still got active admins. Other than that, the demos (-> GGDB Demo Archive) and shoutcasts (-> Last.fm: GTFCDB) are still online.