The WCTFC has an interface!

I originally wanted to build my own website, but that is too much effort for such a little cause.
Then I wanted to use the interfaces of other leagues. My thoughts were NTFCL, Wireplay, someone even said ETF2L. Nothing really worked out. Now I will use the free tourney.cc interface.
It looks ok and is easy to set up.

Now I am prepared for the league. :)



~X~ LAN 17

The 17th Xenomorphs LAN was held from December 18th through 20th, and it was awesome.
It was the first time for me, but it won't be the last; it was really nice to meet the people you play with and against online.
We played TF2, L4D2, WC3TFT, a very bit TFC (just some minutes, sadly), WWP and teeworld.

Did you ever grill at -15°C? No? Me neither, but it was weird in an awesome way!


Updating my beautiful website..

Since the last week I stopped including new code or new features into GTFCIaFDB and start updating and optimizing the old code. Two days ago I made some notable steps with the server section: It now shows the Password, Bots and VAC icons from the Steam server list.

One of the bigger changes will be the updated match tracking system. When it's done it will be faster, better and more accurate. And the fixes will wipe out many, many bugs.

All this will not go public yet, of course. Well, I'll just go on and improve the code.. ;)


WCTFC dilemma

As you may or may not know, I'm trying to organize a world championship for the Half-Life Mod Team Fortress Classic.This is getting more and more difficult, because there are not many players left. The teams that are (almost) full are USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Poland, probably Finland and perhaps Spain. Now it's the question what to do.
The WCTFC was scheduled for January 2010, meaning all the teams would have to be ready by now, so the league schedule could be created and the participants could have started practicing for their first match.

I don't know what to do now. Possible choices are:
  1. Play it as 8v8 cup with the available teams. (7 teams)
  2. Play it as 4v4+ cup with the available teams. (12 teams)
  3. Play it in a league system like NTFCL. (8v8, 7 teams)
  4. Let the national teams play a few "friendlies".
Oh well, I will stop that there, I could only add crazy and impossible choices now.. ;)
I hope that someone comes up with a good solution soon, because the teams are there and willing to play.

So, this is a Blog.

I never thought I would do something like that. But last week it got over me. So I registered at Twitter and today I made this blog. It feels a bit weird, but as soon as I'm used to it, I suppose I will like it, at least I hope so.

Let's see what I can make out of that.