I like GNU/Linux and the fact that Valve is releasing their Steam and Team Fortress Classic clients on it.
I also like mapping for TFC and just recently picked it up again. Due to my recent decision to move to Debian Wheezy on my gaming / desktop computer I have been denied the pleasure of mapping with native mapping tools so far. The Valve Hammer Editor (formerly Worldcraft) is a win32 programme, other editors could be an option, but I prefer the “offiical” tools.
I wrote Alfred Reynolds [Steam] [GitHub] an e-mail about this, since he’s currently one of the main GoldSrc developers at Valve. While I was happy for a quick response, his words saddened me. I’d like to share them with you.

Hammer is a very win32 specific tool and we have no plans on making it run natively on Linux at this time, I suspect your best bet here will be to use Wine to let you run it.

Well, is my best bet Wine? I haven’t tried Wine/VHE yet.
I’ve always preferred native programmes, it just feels right. And I know there are Linux-based mapping tools our there for the Quake engine, which should be fairly compatible to GoldSrc, which itself is “just” a QuakeWorld modification. I haven’t found a proper, as in easy to use and fairly to fully compatible to the GoldSource RMF or MAP format, map editor.
If anyone knows of any, please leave a comment or write me. I’ll post something as soon as I find a solution.