Well, this is my first post in almost a year, hooray!
I can’t say I’ve been too busy.. I wasn’t bored, I just never came around to blog again..
So, here’s the status. GTFCDB is down for maintanance - this is taking forever. I should just take one week to only work on that so it’ll finally be done..
I also tried introducing WCTFC II as a short event, no great response yet. It’s public for one and a half week now. I’m glad that the old admins are back for the action and I can also announce some new crew, Mighty and Demon. :)
TFC is fun, as always.. Business as usual. I’m also trying to get it established in the ESL, but I fear we have too few clans for 4v4, let alone 8v8. 2v2 should get us some slow and steady TFC action that keeps some “HEY WE’RE TFC AND WE’RE ALIVE!” voices active.
I was SO SAD when I couldn’t attend the winter XLAN last December! SO UNFORTUNATE! Damn. I hope I will be able to go there again this summer.