Basically.. (2013-01-22)

All you need to do is download the Google Play store *.apk file and install it on your device, then download Google Chrome through the App store.
Solutions found on Intenso Tab 714 – Playstore installieren.

USB connection (2013-01-22)

Start your Tab 417 and connect it to a computer with a USB to Micro USB cable. A notification about an established USB connection will appear on your device in the lower right corner. Click on it and enable the device’s USB storage feature. This will enable you to mount the whole drive on your computer and transfer the file if you chose to download it on your computer.

*.APK file (2013-01-22)

Now, download the Play store. Your best option is to just search for “google play store apk” on, or your favourite search engine. Depending on where you get it from, you have to change your security settings to allow the installation of unauthorized apps. In any case, you have to restart your device after the installation.


In January I tried to get Chrome running, but it would always close and throw an error message. I digged a little deeper and it was something related to some Java library, as far as I remember. I was unable to resolve this.
After another try today, four months later, it runs smoothly. I’m surprised of how smoothly it runs, with all the nice Chrome features.