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Convenient Routing with Dnsmasq

If you’re a web developer, you may have this issue: Creating a new virtual host in your HTTP server (I still use Apache, so sue me) works fine, but then there’s that hosts file where you always have to add the new domain (e.g. mynewproject.dev) and link it with - but not anymore! There’s a very simple way of adding and routing a wildcard domain with a quite powerful programme named dnsmasq. Thanks to tomchuck for this solution. First, get dnsmasq from your repo. sudo apt-get install dnsmasq Then create your config file. Note: All files in this folder are parsed by dnsmasq.

Debian on an Asrock E350M1

I recently built myself a neat little home server. I wanted it to be small compared to a desktop PC, while having a lot of storage space and a reasonable speed to manage smaller tasks. Here’s what I bought: Components Case: Fractal Design Array R2 300W ITX Mainboard: Asrock E350M1/USB3 APU: AMD E-350 (2 × 1.6 GHz) [Wikipedia] RAM: 2 × GeIL 4GB DDR3-1066 Hard Drives: 4 × WD20EARX (Western Digital, 2 TB) Installing Debian I’m installing Wheezy from a FAT-formatted USB stick, which I created with unetbootin and the B4 Wheezy Amd64 netinst image. When I tried installing it from an Ext4-USB stick, it wouldn’t mount correctly.

Edit XFCE menu with LXMenuEditor

I was searching ways to edit the XFCE menu with a GUI, because I didn’t feel like messing around with all the .desktop files. I then got pointed to LXMenuEditor (or LXMed for short), a graphical menu editor designed for LXDE, but it works just as fine in XFCE. Here’s what you have to do to install it. wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/lxmed/files/lxmed-20120515.tar.gz/download tar -xf lxmed-20120515.tar.gz cd lxmed chmod +x install.sh sudo ./install.sh That should be it, now you are ready to start the programme from the menu.

Sublime SFTP with SSH keys

I’ve been using Sublime Text 2 for a few months with Windows 7 at work. It’s quite nice, maybe I’ll write a post about it someday. So, I thought it was time to get my website development environment running on my laptop, which is running Debian 7 (Wheezy). The server I wanted to connect to uses SSH keys and port knocking. On a side note: I’m still looking for a way to automatically knock the ports before connecting, on the other hand.. maybe I don’t need everything done automatically. Coming from Windows, I had the SSH key in Putty’s *.ppk file format.


Well, one year later, this offer is still valid. I didn’t get too much of an echo, unfortunately - Come on, lazy pickup players! Come back, all the Italians in that closed TFC group on facebook! :| Could we just do this one last time, and then I’ll shut up, ok? Just one. last. time. I’ll let you all live your stupid little real lives that are NOT filled with TFC. Just, please? It’s really not that much work, really. It’s JUST TFC. People, you can’t keep nagging and being all sad about how TFC was the greatest game 10 years ago.

JuiceNote #2 - GGDB, WCTFC

Well, here we go again, first post of the year for the second time in a row! GGDB I finally got GTFCDB fixed - or should I say GGDB, because that’s what I call it now. The Global GoldSrc Database. I’ve always liked Ricochet and I also wanted to extend it to DMC - after some days it was clear to me that the easiest thing to do was just to open it for all GoldSrc games directly, before creating graphics for only Team Fortress Classic (TFC), Ricochet and Deathmatch Classic (DMC) and then having to create other images for possible extensions like Half-Life Deathmatch (HLDM) or Opposing Force (Opp4).

Oh dear. A todo list as long as...

Well, this is my first post in almost a year, hooray! I can’t say I’ve been too busy.. I wasn’t bored, I just never came around to blog again.. So, here’s the status. GTFCDB is down for maintanance - this is taking forever. I should just take one week to only work on that so it’ll finally be done.. I also tried introducing WCTFC II as a short event, no great response yet. It’s public for one and a half week now. I’m glad that the old admins are back for the action and I can also announce some new crew, Mighty and Demon.

Another ~X~-LAN soon..?

Soon, there will be another Xenomorphs-LAN. I’m seriously considering attending it. Should be fun. :) http://www.xenomorphs.de/lan/

So the World Cup started...

So yesterday, the World Championship of Team Fortress Classic had its opening game… ATCHIT vs. ES, and it was a good game. ES was always only 2 caps in advance, often only one - but that was enough for victory. :) What else, what else. It’s 11 teams now. Rules are done since a week or two. We found some servers…. Yes, “we”, I hired admins. The WCTFC admins are (chronologically) me, Era, culomb0 and tuffty. :D

The WCTFC has an interface!

I originally wanted to build my own website, but that is too much effort for such a little cause. Then I wanted to use the interfaces of other leagues. My thoughts were NTFCL, Wireplay, someone even said ETF2L. Nothing really worked out. Now I will use the free tourney.cc interface. It looks ok and is easy to set up. Now I am prepared for the league. :) wctfc.tourney.cc